Elderly Australian Driver Causes Siem Reap Crash

Siem Reap: A traffic accident was caused by an Australian driver in Siem Reap at 15:00 on April 9, 2019, on National Road No. 6 in Kilometcham Village, Kouk Trak Krav Commune, Chikreng District.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Sok Sothavuth, Chikreng District Police Chief, this traffic accident was caused by a Camry “2L4108” driven by Australian Gabriel j Chaise, male, 74.

The injured man was named An Heang, 58, from Kouk Ruok commune, Chi Kraeng district.

He added that after the accident, the traffic police force visited and sent the driver to the Traffic Police Office of the Provincial Police Commissariat to continue the procedure, while the victim was sent to the provincial hospital.

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