Swiss Note Switcher in Court

PHNOM PENH: Police sent PETER HOFER, a 64-year-old Swiss citizen to court on April 8, 2019, after his arrest for fraud at an ABA Bank ATM in Daun Penh district Phnom Penh.

The suspect is accused of withdrawing $100, which he then switched with a fake note and then went to make a false claim.

The suspect was staying at Velkommen Guesthouse # 17, Street 144, Village 5, Sangkat Phsar Kandal II, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.

The case is still ongoing.

At 5.30pm ABA Bank released this statement:

Press Releases About Fraud

Dear Customer and Dear Conscious ABA Bank Supporters! On April 6, Switzerland’s Peter Hofer claimed that he had received a $ 100 bill that was a COPY (HH 26841921 E) from an ATM machine located in a bank branch at ABA Central Market.

Immediately after receiving the complaint, the Bank’s relevant working team investigated thoroughly. First of all, we find that the serial number of the dollar denomination that the customer had not come out of our system.

Additionally, the video footage of our security camera showed that Hofer actually got the bills from the ATM and then changed it with the COPY paper taken from his backpack.

After a survey on the same day, our team invited Hofer to our branch and we showed him all the evidence of his fraud and asked him about it. Hofer confessed he had “fooled” the bank.

As a result, ABA Bank security guards sent him to the Daun Penh Police Inspectorate to take action along with other evidence.

On Monday, 08th of March, police sent Hofer to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court for questioning. He is suspected of criminal offenses as stated in articles 377 and 378 of the Criminal Code (fraud), aggravating circumstances, with a sentence of imprisonment from six months to three years and fines ranging from 1 million riels to 6 million riels.

ABA Bank Legal Officers will continue to work with our local law enforcement agencies and we will inform you for future updates. Taking this opportunity, we also strongly denounce the dissemination of any information that charges the bank regarding fake banknotes.

We still believe it is a plan that aims to corrupt the bank’s reputation and we reserve the right to send such cases to local authorities and take action against such cases at the extent permitted by law.

ABA Bank also reminds customers to check and count their money well before leaving the ATM or the bank’s checklaw because the bank is not responsible for any problems that occur after guests leave.

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