Power Ship Cancelled

Phnom Penh:  Samdech Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of Cambodia, announced that he decided not to rent a Turkish power ship because of the incompatibility of certain conditions and schedules as Cambodia needs.

The announcement came on April 5, 2019 in the cabinet meeting.

Cambodia planned to lease a power generating ship from Turkey to supply electricity during Cambodia’s shortages, as hydropower can not produce enough power.

Phay Siphan, the minister’s deputy prime minister and a spokesman for the government, told the local media that the fact that Samdech Techo decided not to hire turkish power ships because of the distance involved and because negotiations did not match any of the conditions.

Mr. Siphan stated that Cambodia now enjoys increasing energy supply from neighboring countries. Today, it received 55 megawatts from Thailand for additional supply and more from Laos and Vietnam. The launch of a 20-megawatt solar power plant in the Prome area, near Phnom Prasert, is integrated into the national grid and allows major hotels and factories to stop reliance on their generators.


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