Chinese Gamblers Beaten by Casino After Winning

*Not the best translation, but Chinese media reports several gamblers suspected of cheating the house were badly beaten, and appear to have had fingers broken by casino security.

Sihanoukville: On April 4 Chinese media reported eight Chinese people were illegally detained and beaten for more than 10 hours at a casino in Westport/Sihanoukville. After being forced to sign some form of contract, they were then sent to hospital.

The person who broke the news said that 4 men and 4 women went to a casino to gamble. After winning the money, they were called to the office by the casino staff one by one and held for more than ten hours. They asked them to admit that they had cheated.

The casino has surveillance videos, but they are not shown to them. These 8 people have been pointed out for winning thousands, but claimed to not know each other. Some of them said they only met when they are hospitalized.

These 8 people won a few thousand, and after others won more than 20,000, and then the money was taken away. The source interviewed some after a tip-off from casino staff.

*Photo of being injured

One man said that he and his wife came from China and then went to the casino to play. At first he played games on the side, and her wife played others. Every time he won a hundred and two hundred, and then won more than a thousand dollars.

At around 4 in the morning, his wife was called to the office on the second floor. At the beginning, he sent a WeChat message saying that he didn’t want to gamble anymore. His wife did not reply, so he went to look for her.

* was bruised

After going up to the office, he found that five or six people were beating his wife, and he pushed the door open They asked who he was, and he said that he was the husband of the person being beaten. When he first entered the door, he took a phone began recording.

* Friends circle talks

Then they were separated and forced to sign a document saying they did not win the money. He and his wife refused. In the end, more than 10,000 dollars on his body were taken away. They were then beaten more.

Later, the people who beat them checked his mobile phone chat history, and found no problems. At 6 o’clock they said to them: “If you sign this agreement that recognizes thousands, you will be sent to the hospital for treatment.” There were two police officers present. He said that things that had not been done, but was reluctant to sign the agreement.

*The final signed agreement

At that time, there were police officers present. The casino people didn’t know what to do with them. They just changed the agreement to say there was misunderstanding and asked them to sign . The police let the people in the casino get some food for them. Later, under the escort of the police, he and his wife were sent to a nearby hospital.

According to the explanation, he later contacted a friend and was transferred to another hospital to be treated. All the fingers on his hand were badly injured.

He said that in addition to him and his wife, there were six people also beaten. It was unreasonable to be beaten, and he couldn’t figure out the reason. At present, they have contacted lawyers and have already filed a lawsuit against the casinos.

At the same time, the casino claims that surveillance videos show the suspected gamblers and dealers colluding to win a lot of money.

According to informed sources , a few days before the incident, several gamblers often gambled at the casinos involved between 4 am and 6 pm, almost all of them winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in the casino. .

On the night of the incident, the security guards of the casino controlled the people and did not beat people.

The current personnel involved in the attack have been arrested by the police.

According to latest reports , these videos have been submitted to the police for further investigation. There are indeed misunderstandings among the people who have been beaten.

At present, the casino is negotiating compensation with those who have been beaten, and all allegations will be investigated by the police.

After receiving the news, the Chinese news source contacted the staff of the casino involved. They said that the incident was handled by the police and the court. They are actively handling it and cannot disclose too much.

Finally, (the source) suggests that you clean yourself and stay away from gambling.

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