Many Chinese Brawlers Hauled Away in SHK

Sihanoukville:  Many Chinese men were detained at Nanhai Plaza Apartments in Sangkat No 3, Sihanoukville , at 5 pm on April 3, 2019.

According to the preliminary sources, the police said that many Chinese (unspecified number) people had fought each other until police and relevant authorities went down.

The Chinese detainees involved in the violent conflict were taken to the provincial police commission for further investigation in accordance with the legal procedure.

However, there are no immediate reports from police on the cause of the violence. In this case, the police will handle legal action by following the orders on concrete measures that foreigners who come or stay in Sihanoukville to show proper respect to Cambodian authorities who encourage and protect foreign nationals. Those who violate this will be punished without exception. TVFB

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