Chinese Man Tracks Stolen iPhone

Phnom Penh: City Police arrested a man in connection with the theft of an iPhone from a Chinese man.

The incident happened at 9 pm on April 1, 2019, at 205Eo Street, at the “Diamond Internet” brand on Monivong Boulevard, Sangkat Orussey 4, Khan 7 Makara.

Police said two Chinese nationals were riding an Indian tuk-tuk on Russian Blvd from the west when they arrived at the flyover bridge. Around six suspects riding three motorbikes surrounded the tuk tuk, one grabbed the phone and all raced away.

The victim went to file a complaint at Post 1 and used Find My IPhone app on the phone.

With help of police, the missing phone was tracked on Monivong Boulevard and pinned down to the internet cafe.

Police said that when they saw the suspect was sitting in the cafe, and ran out of the back door when he saw the cops, surprising the family who lived behind the shop.

The suspect, named as 18-year-old Cay Chandara, was captured and is being questioned by police.

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