Flogging Fakes to Tourists Must Stop

Minister of Tourism Dr. Thong Khon urged and advised the Provincial Tourism Department of Inspection of the Ministry of Tourism, Private sector institutions and all stakeholders to take measures to prevent sales of counterfeit products to tourists, because this issue is damaging the confidence of visitors.

The announcement was made at the closing of the 2018 Annual General Meeting and the 2019 Target Meeting at the Ministry of Tourism on April 2, 2019.

“There have been cases of tourists buying goods from Cambodia and then knowing that they are counterfeit and they have also complained to ACU and the ACU submitted a letter to the Ministry of Tourism,” the minister said.

The minister also urged relevant parties to pay special attention to this issue, especially to the Ministry of Commerce. If a business that sells counterfeit goods to tourists is found, immediate action should be taken.

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