Solar Power Brings Light to Rural Communities

PHNOM PENH, March 31 (Xinhua) – A solar power initiative has already reached more than 106,640 rural dwellings.

The installation of a solar system has already provided more than 100,000 homes with a total cost of more than US $ 27 million, in rural areas as Electricité du Cambodge aims to improve living conditions of the people.

EDC will add at least 325 watts of solar power to the people to use for cooking and expand the the programme, especially for those living on the water, and stop them cutting down flooded forests for firewood..

An EdC spokesman said “The solar system has many benefits for people, especially those who are far from the grid and poor,” he said. “This is a measure that citizens can use and are clean. Especially on the surface of the water, we can not provide the cable network for them, because they are so mobile, the system is suitable to use”

He said that to promote the development of clean energy or solar-powered electricity for the import of equipment for power generation plants, the Royal Government of Cambodia did not charge any tariffs, to encourage growth in this sector.

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