Kampot Beach Update

Kampot: In order to have a beach like other coastal provinces, the Kampot administration has encouraged investment companies to work with the Council for the Development of Cambodia to accelerate their work to complete as soon as possible.

On March 30, 2019, Governor of Kampot Province, Cheav Tay, said that with the right to invest, the company had to accelerate work, as the Kampot provincial administration really wants to see coastlines like some of the provinces. By the end of 2019, the company has to complete at least 20 percent of its work.

The governor stated that Chea Sok Heng obtained the rights from the Council for the Development of Cambodia to cover 240 Ha; 80 hectares of administrative policy, the company received 120 hectares, while another 40 hectares is for for infrastructure construction in the area.

The goal of the application is that the company focuses mainly on tourism and also with the intention of the provincial administration to increase the industrial sector.

On condition of anonymity, a resident of Kep Thmey commune, Boeung Touk commune, Teuk Chhou district, said that the land was cleared a long time ago. If this is a state project and serves the interests of the nation, he is really happy and supportive. But if the project is owned by a private company, it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars in lost natural resources and the state will receive no income, which is bad.

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