Battambang Blade Bangers Busted

Battambang: Six gangsters were detained on the evening of March 29 in Peuk Khem Village, Anlong Vil District, Sangke District, after a violent clash left two seriously injured.

Choung Kimsong, chief of the Criminal Justice Department, said the six suspects arrested by his forces were 1- Chey Sophath, 21, 2-Voeun Sok Pheng, 19, 3- Son, 17, 4 -Rat Thara, 18 years old, 5- Sons Sarith 16 year old 6-Nanyarra Fat, 15.

The chief said the group had used long knives to attack rival gangsters, causing serious injuries to two men in Romchek 4 Village, Rattanak Commune, Battambang City.

According to the report, the two victims were Voeuth Sorya, 27, who suffered head injuries and cuts to his right shoulder and Sun Chantho, 20 who had head injuries and cuts to his right arm.

Police say both sides are gang members who had an altercation outside a club.

Officials are now questioning the six gangsters to build a case for court.

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