Border Casinos 1.5m Visitor Boom

The Ministry of Interior says more than 1.5 million foreigner gamblers have tried their luck in 2018 at casinos along the Cambodian border with Thailand and Vietnam.

The Ministry of Interior’s document on the growth of foreigners coming to Cambodia has shown that in 2018, Six million people come to Cambodia,
nearly two million of them Chinese, and nearly 800,000 Vietnamese people.

It also said that 1.53 million foreigners had visited casinos in the border areas .

Cambodia has a lot of casinos in border areas adjacent to Thailand and Vietnam, such as Poipet and Bavet.

At the same time, Sihanoukville has grown to become the largest casino hub. The majority of guests who visited the casinos were Chinese, and most casinos were also owned by ethnic Chinese groups from China and other countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

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