Range Rover Owner Goes to Police

A senior official of Phnom Penh Police Commissioner told reporters on the morning of March 28, 2019 that the driver of Range Rover 2AF-7777, which killed a student, was believed to have been driven by a young woman, about 17 years old, named Yin Mana.

The minimum driving age in Cambodia is 18.

Sources from the same police official, who declined to be identified, said that the driver was suspected of being Yin Mana. Her father visited the traffic office of the Phnom Penh Police Commissariat on March 27.

And in front of the traffic police, Yin Guek admitted the driver is his daughter, and he also agreed to thumbprint a statement promising to have his daughter hand herself in within 3 days..

A senior police official said that before the tragic accident happened, the girls was out with some teenagers. After eating, the girl who was driving in the car with two friends ( a girl and a boy) had the collision and sped off in a panic.

He added that in front of the cops, Yin Guek promised to bring his daughter to the cops to act accordingly.

On March 27, the vehicle owner Yin gave his representative $ 5,000 for the funeral of a student victim. After the funeral, Yin Guek promised to settle the case with compensation.


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