Range Rover Family Pays $5000 for Funeral

Phnom Penh: After a fatal collision between a Range Rover and motorcyclist shocked the country, the Prime Minister ordered police force to arrest the car driver on March 27, 2019. The owner of the car has agreed to meet with Traffic Police Office of Phnom Penh Police.

Ying Guek, who’s daughter was reportedly involved in the incident, has donated about $ 5,000 through Mr. Phan Vannak for the funeral of Ms. Dum Rida in Kampong Damrei village. Prek Tam Tek, Khsach Kandal District, Kandal Province.

The money, the representative said was a ‘condolence’ payment and not any attempt at compensation.

Although the money was received, the family still continues to insist on seeing the people responsible personally pay their respects, and reports say they want justice to be served as promised by both the Deputy PM and Prime Minister.

The identity of the car driver has still not been ascertained, and police are said to be investigating.


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