Kampot Gears up for Songkran

Kampot: Kampot Khmer New Year 2019 celebrations have been allocated a budget of more than 500 million riel ($125,000) to make the program more enjoyable and more comfortable than last year.

Speaking at the Preparatory Meeting for Kampot Sankranti on the afternoon of March 25, 2019, Mr. Tep Rithy, Kampot Provincial Governor and Chairman of Kampot Sankranti Event Organizing Committee has urged local, district, commune, and commune authorities to prepare for the event.

He stressed the importance of security, and environmental cleanliness around the public spaces, monasteries and communities, and to inspire citizens of all levels, civil servants, armed forces at all levels to participate in the festivities.

The celebrations will be held from 14-16 April, 2019.

The governor reminded that this year, the administration of Kampot province will be more successful based on cooperation from all sectors, especially the police force to increase the security of the area. Record numbers of visitors are expected.

According to the project proposed by the six sub-committees for the upcoming Kampot event in 2019, the provincial administration will spend 505,320,600 Riels, according to Lay Sothea, Kampot Provincial Finance Directorm approximately $ 126,330. The size of the budget is reflected in everything from April 14 to April 16, 2019.

The event of Kampot Sankranti will take place along the length of the mouth of Prek Kampong Bay from the copper to the statue of King Ang Duong by creating a spectacle of arts, concerts and traditional games.


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