Koh Kong Car Crash

Koh Kong: Three car accidents collided in Koh Kong province on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 10:30, along National Road 48 between K-31-32 in Chhouk commune, Chip Leu commune.

A white LEXUS, PP 2A 1057 driven by Van Tong, male, 48 years old, an agricultural official in Koh Kong Province hit a Royal Gendarmerie 4RUNNER driven by Kim Dina, male, 45 years old. Sok Sarun and Chao Chaiyan, who are also military police officers travelling in the car were slightly injured.

A FORTUNER, 69A00-251, driven by Vietnamese then drove into the back of the police vehicle.

The Lexus was blamed for the collision and agreed to pay compensation for the other vehicles and injured.

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