Storms Wreck Property and Kill Across Northern Provinces

On the afternoon of March 23, 2019, there was a storm that tore down 10 houses in Trapeang Sraung commune, Sambor district, Rattanakiri province.

Preah Vihear: On the evening of March 23, 2019, high winds in Phum Porlo village, Mouk Chrov commune, Chhay Lve district, ripped off 14 roofs and destroyed 6 houses. A woman was also reported to have been struck by lightning and is currently in hospital.

Battambang: At 2:30 pm on March 23, 2019, lightning from a thunderstorm killed a man in O’Tarak village, Takuk commune, Samlot district, Battambang province.

The victim, identified as Tampa Pat, 35, lived in the village.

Siem Reap: In the early hours of March 24, 2019, rain, wind and lightning. caused 2 houses to collapse and killed 2 cows in Srah Srang village in the north of Nokor Thom commune, Siem Reap.

Kratie: On the evening of March 23, 2019, 2 people to died from lightning strikes, and 28 houses collapsed by a flood of rains in Snoul and Sambor districts.

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