Painted Porsche Bumps Hyundai

Phnom Penh: A PORSCHE with an interesting paint job hit HYUNDAI car, after the driver was not paying attention to traffic.

The accident happened at 5:45 pm on March 21, 2019 in front of the Soviet Friendship Hospital on Street 271 in Tumnub Tek, Khan Chamkarmon.

Police sources said that the Porsche hit the Hyundai on the rear bumper, causing a small amount of damage.

The cars pulled over and a heated argument broke out between the two sides, which was watched by a gathering group of onlookers.

The police turned up and negotiate a payment of $80 to be paid by the driver of the Porsche. After trying to delay the payment, the driver finally got on a moto-dop and went home to get the cash, settling the incident.

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