Fundraising for Murdered Taxi Driver’s Wife and Kids

This following message was sent to CNE. After checking, we believe that the aims are sincere and all above board. Please note that this website is not responsible for this campaign, but have thrown in a few $.

Hi there,
first and foremost, THANK YOU TO ALL who have donated so far. It is a great feeling to see how many people are involved and want to support the family for their upcoming future. I am super impressed how much money I was able to raise in such short time.

However, sadly but with an understanding, there are people who question the authenticity of this campaign and myself. The German who opened the campaign only hours after it became public.

Well, I have some sources who I can trust they tell me the right things at the right time and as you know by now, this story is real. If I am real, well this is up to you to judge.

I decided to give a bit more information about myself, as I have nothing to hide. In 2014 I decided to leave Australia, assist my family in a personal matter and travel the world with my partner. We ended up in Indonesia where we decided to visit SEA and explore the options on opening up a mentoring association for disadvantaged people in Cambodia. We then travelled to to India where we got our website designed called: which stands for Cambodian Training and Mentoring Association.

We bought a little business, stripped it completely, invested a lot of money and started with a Cafe where we trained young Cambodians. It was then when we felt so content with Cambodia and it was then when we decided to stay much longer than we initially thought. We had the best time and made a lot of friends and changed some Cambodians and their circumstances. We spent a lot of money in Cambodia and we do not regret a single cent of this.

We had to leave for a couple of reasons, one being my permanent residency status in Australia. I can’t stay indefinite out of OZ and decided it was time to go back and not lose my visa status. However, we never stopped working with Cambodians and still have a lot of friends in this great country.

This is the reason why I decided to help this poor family and open this fundraiser. If you don’t believe me and you think I will take the money and “run”, believe me, I won’t.

You tell me what I can do to gain the trust of you all. I have nothing more to give, but my time I spent to create awareness for this family. The money raised will go IN FULL to the family via a friend who lives in Siem Reap called Josette Vanneur. She is kind enough to help out. The family has been advised about the campaign and needless to say, they are wrapped. This is it for the moment and if you have any concerns, please be in touch.

Thanks, Michael Hartzsch

To donate, please visit this page

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