Japanese Men Jailed Over Taxi Murder

Siem Reap: Two 23-year-old Japanese men have been formally charged by police for the murder of a taxi driver and the theft of his car on March 17.

The pair confessed to the crime, claiming they owed a Japanese bank around 4,000,000-5,000,000 yen ($36,000-$45,000).

According to the confession of ISHIDA REIMON, he and NAKA KUKIRYUJI came to Cambodia through the Poipet border on March 16 and travelled to Siem Reap, where they stayed in a hotel, the name of which he has forgotten. On March 17, 2019, at 12 noon, they found a taxi going to Sisophon in Banteay Meanchey.

After deciding not to rob that taxi as it had a camera inside, they found the victim, who offered to return them to Siem Reap for $30.

Before the murder they asked the taxi to stop and ISHIDA REIMON opened to the door to check for witnesses while NAKA KUKIRYUJI used the 19cm long knife brought from Japan to cut the victim’s throat.

The victim’s wife, Sok Chan Roeun, 38, told the police that on the morning of the 17th, March 2019 at about 06 am, her husband went out to work and at 10 am called to say he was looking for customers in Sisophon.

The suspects were charged with premeditated murder went to court on March 19.

The court decided to place the men into pre-trial detention, so that the case against them can be prepared by the prosecutor.





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