Preah Vihear Residents Warned Over Drinking River Water

Preah Vihear: People suffering from the drought in Preah Vihear province have begun drinking water from ponds and rivers. Health officials have called for them to properly boil the water before consuming.

Dr. Koung Lo, director of the Department of Health of Preah Vihear province on March 17, 2019, called for people to take good care of their health. Especially, people who collect water from outside, should be boil it in advance.

The statement from the director of the health department came as many people went to fetch water for daily consumption. Doctors say people should not use this type of water because they can face health problems.

Dr. Koung said that while the weather was so hot, some areas faced a lack of clean water, forcing them to collect water.

During the dry season in 2019, Cambodia will experience extreme drought, especially during April and May, and the heat will rise to between 40 to 42 degrees due to the indirect effects of the El Niño phenomenon.

There are also warning of thunderstorms, and freak winds occuring in many provinces.

The Royal Government has issued 3 guidelines to rural residents:

1: Early rice planting should be avoided. Water in the reservoirs and places with natural water, should be maintained for daily use and not for rice irrigation. Alternative crops should be used.

2: The relevant ministries and institutions at all levels of local authorities must take appropriate measures to ensure that their water supply is kept only for daily use.

3: The relevant ministries and institutions of local authorities at all levels should prepare to rescue people from danger for incidents such as high winds.

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