Power Outages Until End of May- EdC

Phnom Penh: In recent days, power disconnection has become a topic of general public concern, complaint and insults.

Both the daily lives of people and businesses are being affected, some resorting to sleep outside to escape the heat.

In response to this issue, on 18 March 2019, EDC issued a press release explaining the supply will continue to have disruptions until the end of May .

Electricite du Cambodge also stressed that the reduction of supply in the daytime between alternate locations is aimed to maintain supply at night, which is when people need to use power..

During the difficult period of 72 days until the end of May, while the national holidays, including Sunday, the power cuts will continue. If the rains come before the end of May, the supply will be normalized.

In particular, to address the country’s electricity shortage and respond to the request of the Royal Government of Cambodia, the Thai and Laos parties have increased electricity supply to the kingdom.

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