Quieter Business As Usual for KRS Casino?

Despite recent reports that a Chinese owned casino on Koh Rong Samloem has been closed by Preah Sihanouk authorities, CNE has received video evidence claiming that “Jinding” entertainment center is still open for business on the island.

A video sent to CNE shows the same business taken on March 16, just 3 days after local media reported the site up and running, although without the loud sound system which had been the cause of many complaints.

The source, which cannot be verified by this website, says that the casino restaurant had a few diners, and that they could see gaming taking place not visible in the video.

The source also added that, although the music had ceased to disturb the island, little else had changed. They also said a Chinese operated resort with 76 bungalows next to the casino was also causing environmental damage.

The source also alleges that Freedom Island Bungalows on the island has changed ownership and now only accepts Chinese guests.

This website cannot substantiate these claims, but the resort has not responded to requests for comments. Interestingly, the same company featured on agoda.comand booking.com does not seem to be be taking reservations any longer.

A former guest who has previously stayed at the resort claims that the booking made in November was cancelled as “Only Chinese guests are allowed”. The guest was forced to make different arrangements.

Please note, these are not facts as reported in other media outlets and must not be taken as such. CNE cannot go to Koh Rong Somloem to independently verify this story.

(Video and images sent exclusively to CNE)

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