Cambodia Request Powership From Turkey

Cambodia Is Awaiting Response From Turkey To Send Large-Scale Shipbuilding Vessels To Provide Electricity As It Faces Shortages Of Electricity Up To 400 Megawatts

As the country experiences a power shortage of up to 400 megawatts, which is likely to increase, the Royal Government of Cambodia has been working hard to solve the problem by adding several generators to distribute electricity.

The shortages have been blamed on droughts, with have greatly reduced production at hydroelectricity stations.

The immediate measures now are to encourage all production chains, particularly rice millers, to continue to process rice products to avoid any adverse effects.

The Royal Government of Cambodia is awaiting a response from the Turkish Republic to send a large powership for electricity supply in the coming months.

Citizens across the country and businesses are urged to understand the reasons behind power outages and lack of electricity.

According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, electricity supply in Cambodia was 2,650 megawatts in 2018, in which 1,329 megawatts, or 50 percent of the total power supply, were produced by hydroelectric dams.

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