Koh Kong Power Cuts as Drought Hit Dams

Koh Kong Province: The Department of Mines and Energy Koh Kong
issued an urgent notice on March 14, 2019 to the residents of Khemara Rong and Mondul Seima districts, Koh Kong province

The current drought has brought very low water levels to Stung Tatai Hydropower and Stung Russey Chroy Hydroelectric Stations. Without enough water, the power plants cannot provide electricity to the area.

Department of Mines and Energy would like to inform citizens, that because of the current situation, the power supply is only 10 megawatts.

Therefore, there will be electricity rationing in place, with a rotating system of power cuts around the province.

Hotel Owners, Guesthouses, and businesses are advised to take notice and find ways to generate their own power during the outages.

There is a possibility of another supply being brought in from Thailand soon.

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