Kampot Cables Coming Down

Kampot: With a view to enhancing the city’s beauty and ensuring public safety, the Kampot administration has requested The Department of Posts and Telecoms and Electricity of Vietnam coordinate with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to tidy up electricity and communications cables.

At the meeting on the 12th of March, 2019 on the implementation and development of a line of electric cables, the Kampot Governor said that to ensure the safety of the general public and enhance the beauty of Kampot town, all electrical units, network cables and wiring on each post must be in good order.

The town is reported to have some posts resembling a spiders web of wiring. I

The provincial governor added that the Department of Posts and Telecommunications has a significant role to play in direct implementation, requiring high attention and responsibility on the issue.

In addition, the line departments within the committees have already been established to study new projects to remove some overhead cables and replace them underground.

According to notices unused or redundant telecommunications cable in Kampot will start being removed at end of March.

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