Illegal Kampot House Ires Neighbours

Kampot: A new house construction that has been built without permits has risen to five floors and has angered neighbors since its inception.

As a result of the loss of some property and damage following accidents, the neighbor filed a lawsuit, but says justice has not been served.

Pach Chantha, of Kampong Bay South Village, Kampot City, said that her family had suffered injustice from their owners of the construction, Sun Sung, claiming the boundaries of her property have been violated, along with falling construction materials causing some property damage.

Work has continued on the building, even after a notice was issued to suspend activities.

The original plans authorized by the Kampot Land Registry dated September 15, 2017, were for 2 floors at a height of 11 meters and now a fifth floor has been added.

Although the land management department had issued a pending letter on March 8, 2019, the work has continued.

After receiving the complaints, construction was ordered to be temporarily suspended, requiring permission to proceed from the provincial administration.

Bante Samnang, head of Kampot’s Land Registry, confirmed that a team had been deployed to the site. Last week, due to the public holiday, the construction workers continued without intervention. He added that he will send more officials to visit to prohibit any more work.

Last week provincial authorities spoke about the need to uphold the law as Kampot prepares for a massive construction boom.

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