9 Year Old Loses Arm in Brick Factory Accident

Kandal: A 9-year-old girl fell into a grinding machine, causing her right arm to be torn off.

The accident happened at 9:30 am on March 9, 2019 in a brick factory in Kandal Province. The girl, nine-year-old Cheng Sreypheak, lived and worked with her father, Chheng Bunham, 37, and her mother, Khim Channa, aged 33.

Before the incident, the parents put soil into the machine, and the victim cut the bricks from the machine and placed them on a cart.

After the girl got her arm caught she was taken to the local district hospital but due to serious injuries, was sent to Phnom Penh.

Leang Son, the head of the brick factory, acknowledged that the girl had been working there for more than six years, and he urged her to be cautious and alert. He also donated $ 500.

Thol Cheang, director of the Kandal Labor Department, said in a phone interview that he had received the information and sent officials to conduct a search and are awaiting a report.

Children under 18 are by law not allowed to work in factories, but many do and accidents are common.

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