Wedding Party Turns Punchy

Phnom Penh:  A wedding party turned bloody on March 8 after a drunk man started taking photos of a beautiful woman.

The boyfriend took umbrage at this and a fight broke out.

The victim, Chhik Sopheak, 29, required 5 stitches to his head after the incident.

Before the fight, the two parties were eating dinner at the wedding party. After drinking heavily, the injured man started taking photos of the woman, her boyfriend started shouting at him and, along with a friend, the men began fighting.

Police questioned the two sides, but the injured man had blood streaming from a wound on the back of the head so was first sent to Bayon Hospital to get stitched up.

Two men involved with the attack then hurled abuse at police who were questioning them.

The two men who carried out the attack were then arrested and temporarily detained in the early hours of 9 March.

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