Kampot Told to Manage Water Carefully

Kampot: Speaking at the closing ceremony of the Annual Meeting of the Government of Kampot on the afternoon of March 6, 2018 At the Kampot Provincial Hall, Senior Minister Cham Prasidh, Minister of Industry and Handicrafts, said “As the dry season reaches the hottest period, attention is being paid to sustainable water management by the authorities at all levels to ensure that no one is affected by the lack of daily necessities. ”

Senior Minister continued that attention to sustainable water management from all levels of authorities was the key to ensuring that no one is affected by the lack of daily water.

Faced with this natural phenomenon, the Kampot Provincial Administration coordinates district and commune administrations to control local water sources and distribution for daily use, as well as agriculture. There must be assessments of water sources for effective control measures and sustainability.

With this, the provincial administration is ready to intervene to solve the problem of water supply to the local people.

The Senior Minister also reminded the Department of Health and the Department of Agriculture must make plans to guide people to healthcare to prevent disease, and attention should be given to timely treatment of people and animals.

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