9 Motos Seized in Siem Reap After Foreigner Rentals

Siem Reap: Police have confiscated 9 motorbikes after shop owners continue to rent to foreigners.

Traffic police said that according to the notice of the provincial authorities The right of foreigners to drive all kinds of vehicles is strictly regulated.

The 9 motorbikes were taken after a number of business owners continue to rent to foreign riders to use in Siem Reap.

The 9 motorcycles are at Siem Reap police station for legal action. The rental company has previously been warned by authorities.

This time, all detained motorbikes will be taken. Tourists are reminded to only use tuk tuks with guides.

Khim Bun Song, governor of the province, also issued a letter to all levels of authorities to take action to ban foreigners from riding or driving themselves, to ensure safety for local and foreign visitors.

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