Young Cambodians Against Plastic Pollution

Rin Kim Hong, a Cambodian youth born in Phnom Penh, who heads the rubbish collection team in Boeung Trabek, told “Popular” about his true feelings after collecting garbage for four days.

He was really shocked to see millions of pieces of trash left in Boeung Trabek canal. The young man said that the trash was unbearably smelly, with bottles, cans, plastic and rotting fruit and vegetables.

He said that until March 7, 2019, other young people collected just 2% of rubbish, but now other people are starting to get involved. The campaign is becoming more and more popular, especially with young Cambodians.

Kim Hong and all the trash collectors gather from 7am to 10am every day and prepared properly for Cintri company. Recyclable waste is dealt with separately.

The young man says the reason he volunteers to collect trash is because he wants people to wake up to the issue and encourage the youth to become active in the protection of their environment.


2 thoughts on “Young Cambodians Against Plastic Pollution

  • March 9, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    I am visiting Phnom Penh for a few days rom the 23rd of this month (March)
    I’ve been working for some years developing a way of processing plastic waste.
    I want to meet your representative while I’m in Cambodia.
    Is this possible?

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