Pork Demand Drops as Swine Fever Concerns Grow

Many countries, such as Japan, Australia and Taiwan, have recently stopped importing pork products from Vietnam after an outbreak of African swine fever.

In the Cambodian market, pork traders in some markets in Phnom Penh complained that consumers have switched from buying pork to fish and beef instead because they are nervous of the disease.

“Before, I could sell 200 kilograms a day, but after the discovery that Vietnamese pigs have African disease, whether our pork is domestic, or not, customers are not buying. So far this week, sales have dropped to 40 to 50 kilograms a day. “

The vendor said she recognized the difference in pork sold in Phnom Penh’s markets between that imported from Vietnam and domestic pig, but the shoppers do not distinguish it, and are refusing to buy all pork to eat.

The owner of a slaughterhouse in Phnom Penh said that they had to reduce pigs for sale in Cambodia by more than 50%.

After the virus began to spread across northen Vietnam, many traders turned importers from Thailand to meet the market demand.

Authorities have also deployed additional forces along the border to stop the flow of animals from Vietnam, where the government have announced ‘drastic measures‘ to curtail the crisis.

According to Tan Phannara, Director General of Animal Health and Animal Production at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, since the Vietnam outbreak, the relevant ministries have issued a statement preventing pigs from Vietnam entering the country and traders switched to imports from Thailand.

He said that he now officials are at the border to ensure that pigs imported from Vietnam are healthy and not contagious but the department will encourage more animals are bought from Thailand.

He added that he encouraged people to report to the department via social networks of any illegal pigs from Vietnam being brought into Cambodia. There is a fine of up to 10 million to 15 million riels In the offense.

Srun Pov, president of the Association of Livestock Breeders of Cambodia, said that livestock breeders, especially the pigs, are really happy and will join the cops in preventing the import of pigs from Vietnam. “We will tell the members of the Association of Pig Farmers to register the illegal activities of pork traders from Vietnam into Cambodian territory and report to the department. “

He said he did not expect to block 100 percent of imports from Vietnam, but at least hopes to curb most of them.

Taiwan has y declared that Vietnamese people who travel to Taiwan, bringing with them pork from the country Vietnam will be fined about US $ 6,500. On February 27, a Vietnamese woman was fined $ 6,500 after she brought pork to Taichung Airport in central Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Vietnam Airlines has warned travelers of pork transportation to Japan and Australia. Passengers carrying raw or processed meat from Vietnam to Japan must obtain a certificate of safety. If not So they face a three-year prison term or a fine of about US $ 8,900.

African swine fever is a virus transmitted through blood and mucus. It causes fever with a very high mortality. People are not affected by the disease.

Outbreaks are now being reported in southern China.

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