Archaeologists Dig for New Light on ‘Dark Ages’

Kampong Chhnang Province: The Ministery of Culture and Fine Arts is cooperating with national and international partners in excavation and research on history, culture and civilization in the village of Lavek Prea, Kampong Tralach which began on February 28, 2019.

Teams from Cambodia, Australia and Japan are all on site carrying out research, because it is understood that Lovek was a was very important place in the post-Angkor period of the 16th century.

Khoeun Vuthy, director of the Department of Archaeology said that that the post-Angkor period is often thought of as Cambodia’s ‘dark ages’ , so they want to show that a modern civilization existed after the decline of Angkor.

Finds show there was a constant change of goods and services between neighbouring countries, China and other parts of Asia.

However, the area has been settled since pre-historical times and other artifacts found have included stone axe heads pre-dating known civilizations.

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