Tampuan Gem Miner Dies in Pit

Rattanakiri: A man was killed when a gem mine collapsed at 2:30 pm on March 3, 2019, in Lieng Commune, Bokeo District.

The dead victim, 58-year-old Teng Fa, a Tampuan ethnic minority resident worked as a gem excavator . According to a witness at the scene, before the incident, the victim went down into the hole alone, to a depth of over 10 meters.

After about 30 minutes the ground collapsed in on the pit, suffocating the man inside.

The source said that the cause of the cave in was because the victim refused to take shore up the hole with wooden props.

After the incident, the police of Bek Lo District went down to the scene to check the body and confirmed that the victim had died as described and that there were no suspicious circumstances.

Cops gave the body to the family to celebrate the traditional Tampuan ethnic minority tradition.

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