UPDATE: Foreigners Killed After Lexus Hits Tuk Tuk

Phnom Penh: A shocking accident between a RX330 and a tuk tuk caused a horrific death to two foreigners. Another was seriously injured, and has possibly also died..

The incident occurred at around 3 am March 2, 2019 at the Royal Palace entrance inPhnom Penh’s Daun Penh district.

The foreign victims have not yet been identified, while the other man has also yet to be named.

According to a source from the scene, two foreigners were in the tuk tuk when the accident happened.

A black RX330 ,Phnom Penh 2AX5853, hit the tuk tuk, causing the foreign men to die instantly.

After the incident, local authorities and experts went down to measure the scene. The family of the dead and injured men are being sought.

There is no mention on what happened to the driver of the car as yet.

Some graphic images of the scene in the link below.


Update: Other media sites now report that both men were killed. Reports vary on the condition of the tuk tuk driver.

WARNING, very graphic images in this link

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