Body Shamed Cow Speaks Out

Kampong Thom: A cow has spoken up as a victim of ‘body shaming’ in a hope to bring the issue more media attention.

Srey Moo (not her real name) told reporters that the pressure to put on weight has led some of he species to take drastic measures.

“We look at all these fat European heiffers” she said, “and chew cud in envy when we here about American steers with their 600+ kilos of chunky, lovely meat”

Srey Moo felt the need to put on weight so much she took to eating anything. “I’d literally cross over National Road 6, not even looking out for vehicles, just to see what food was left rotting with the plastic outside the market”

Her friends were also the same. “We’d go out together, wandering along the streets, eating any flowers or vegetation we could find. If a villager left a gate open, we’d all march in the garden and take whatever was growing. Any cow who managed to put on a few pounds would look down on the rest of us, calling us names like ‘Skeletor’ and ask us if we lived in Choeung Ek”

However, recently Srey Moo has come to love her natural body. “We should be proud to be brahmin” she said defiantly. “Sure we don’t have the full figured sirloins of a Holstein or the plump rump of an Aberdeen Angus, but it’s how we are supposed to be”

Srey Moo now holds support groups for other cows who feel the need to put meat on their bones. “Skinny and scrawny, emaciated and gaunt, don’t let others tell you to change! Moo once, moo proud, I’m scraggy and proud!” she mooed.

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