Spurned Military Officer Accused of Slapping Singer

PHNOM PENH: A 3-star military officer is alleged to have slapped a singer at a restaurant after she refused his offer of ‘short time’.

The incident occurred at 11:10 pm on the 27th of February, 2019 at the Boeung Meas restaurant on National Road 6A in Chroy Changva.

The victim, Yin Srey Pov, 25, works at the Boeung Meas restaurant. The officer and his friends left the building after the assault.

According to the victim, the officer, who said he was a 3-star officer, arrived with friends in a RCAF plated Mazda.

The officer called down four singers from the stage to come down to talk and drink with him. He offered her $ 20, but she did not feel comfortable. When he asked her to go elsewhere with him, she refused, causing the offender to get angry. He slapped her three times, then rushed to drive out of the place, but some pictures were taken as he left.

After the incident, ahe filed a complaint at the Chroy Changvar commune police station in order to help find the arrest of the perpetrator. https://tvfb.news/article/18784

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