Chinese Clubbers “Rock” Up at Department of Immigration

The Phnom Penh municipal police’s immigration department has received 13 Chinese nationals who were arrested in last week’s raid on Rock Entertainment Center. The 13 Chinese nationals were detained, along with 300 Cambodians after the raid.

On February 27, 2019, at 1 pm, the Office of Investigation and Implementation of the Immigration Action Plan of the Phnom Penh Police Commissariat received 13 Chinese nationals (4 females):
1. Tan Tingling Male, 46, Chinese. 
2. QIN YONG CHUAN, male, 45 years old, Chinese. 
3. ZHAO LI HUI, male, 45 years old, Chinese. 
4. YANG YANG, 28, male, Chinese. 
5. TAN TANG HUI, male, 35 years old, Chinese. 
6. WEI SHAO FENG, a 50-year-old Chinese male. 
7. Tung Yuu, 34, male, Chinese. 
8. Pai Vin Yeik, male, 46 years old, Chinese. 
9. SHEN HONG MING, a 46-year-old male from China.
10. HAN YE Female, 27, Chinese. 
11. LIANG CHUNLING, a 36-year-old Chinese woman. 
12. HE XIAO LING, 27, Chinese woman. 
13. Chen Fang Li, female, 31.

The baker’s dozen will remain in the Ponchentong jail while arrangements are made for their deportation.

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