Aqua Wat- Siem Reap to Have New Attraction

Siem Reap: The first part of a $ 70 million investment project on 100 hectares gardens is planned to be launched next month in Siem Reap to respond to the needs of local and international tourists.

In a recent meeting between Siem Reap Governor with Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium Co.Ltd, the project owner has confirmed that the project is taking place.

Siem Reap provincial governor Tea Seiha said that the creation of a saltwater aquarium and a conservation sanctuary would be a new achievement for Siem Reap for attracting tourists.

The project will be allocated a three-stage investment of US $ 70 million, initially using US $ 20 million and is expected to be launched by the end of 2020.

There are plans to increase numbers to 7 million tourists a year to Siem Reap by 2020.

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