Kep Prices Doubled Say Property Experts

Kep Province: The current price of land in the province, is gradually gaining momentum as the region become one of the most attractive tourist areas.

Mr. Mim Serei Panha, general director of Easy Property Investment and vice chairman of the Association of Real Estate Cambodia, said: “Currently, the price of land in Kep, especially in coastal areas, has risen to a record high compared to a year ago”.

“Last year, land along the coastline, as well as mountainous area along the coast to the crab market was sold for around $ 230, it’s now up to $ 500 per square meter.”

Similarly, Ms. Taing Hour, director of property company Amatak Property Service, Co., Ltd. believes Kep is a province that will develop in the future, especially from Chinese investors, because it has great potential as a coastal province.

“Today, land prices in Kep are increasing by more than 50 per cent compared to two years ago, especially the land near the coast.”She said, “Most investors are buying for long-term profit”.

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