Visiting Lady Viet Volunteer of 1979

Kien Giang (VNA) – A delegation of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) and the Cambodian Women for Peace and Development (CWPD) has visited Cao Thi Yen in Kien Giang province who was one of volunteer Vietnamese soldiers in the fight against the Pol Pot genocidal regime in Cambodia four decades ago. 

The trip was organised as part of activities designed to mark the 40th anniversary of Vietnam’s victory in the southwest border defence war and the triumph against the Pol Pot genocidal regime on January 7, 1979.

Cao Thi Yen, born in 1958, now resides in Vinh Lac ward, Rach Gia city. In January 1979, as a medical student, she volunteered to join a Kien Giang military medical unit and went to Cambodia where she provided treatment for local soldiers and people. She returned to Vietnam in 1981 to continue her study and then served in the army.

CWPD Vice President Mean Som An wished her good health, stressing that the development of Cambodia today was greatly contributed by volunteer Vietnamese experts and soldiers, including those from Kien Giang province like Yen. 

She said many Vietnamese women underwent years of hardship to assist Cambodia in national reconstruction after the fall of the Pol Pot genocidal regime.

The official said Cambodia is willing to welcome Yen’s family and families of other volunteer Vietnamese soldiers and experts to visit the country.

The same day, the delegation also made a fact-finding tour to learn about a business model, initiated in 2013 by the women’s association of Vinh Lac ward, Rach Gia city. The model encourages all family members, not only women, to take part in bead embroidery and paper/silk flower making, mostly at home during their spare time. To date, it has helped many escape poverty. 

The CWPD delegates considered it a practical model that could be applied in Cambodian localities in support of needy women.-VNA

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