Koh Kong Airport Under Construction

By Siv Meng

Koh Kong: The first airport in Koh Kong province, which will be the fourth airport of Cambodia, has been under construction for the Dara Sakor project in Koh Kong province.

Leaders of UNION DEVELOPMENT GROUP Co., Ltd. were at the launch of the project yesterday, which was attended by Tea Banh, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.

“Chinese companies are building full capacity with the 4F standard, which is the highest international standard,” he said, adding that “the first stage construction project was completed on time and the airport planned to be operational by the end of 2020, which will connect Cambodia with Asian countries.”

At the same time, Bangkok Airways also requested to renovate and construct an airport in Khemarak Phumin (the provincial town) which had been approved by the government, but has seen no progress.

President of Cambodia Association of Travel Agents, Chhay Sivlin, said that the construction of the airport is good for Cambodia, which will attract other airlines to fly to Cambodia and provide more choice of international airlines because Koh Kong has a lot of potential for natural resources that we have yet to exploit.

“It will not be a competition with Sihanoukville Airport, but it will boost investment and give more options to airline companies,” she said.


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