Hit and Run Motorcyclist Was on Charity Ride

After CNE released details of a BMW GS1200 believed to have been involved in a fatal hit and run on February 7, netizens and media outlets in Singapore have come together to trace the rider.

The Facebook account of Mel Stryker was taken down shortly after the story went viral in Singapore, as was that of the man CNE was told was travelling with her on the day of the incident, user known as ManBai Abd.

However, with help from Singaporeans and internet searches, we can reveal the name of the motorcycle owner as Melissa Ma’ruf Kamisah from Singapore and her passenger Abdul Rahman.

The pair were part of an adventure charity ride, visiting Cambodia from 5-11 February.

The charity trip was organized by Ghifari Event Management, a Muslim group based in Singapore.

So far all attempts to contact both Ms. Kamisah and Mr. Rahman by press groups in Singapore have failed.

There is no extradition agreement between Singapore and Cambodia. However the motorcycle remains in Cambodia.

With thanks to The New Paper and Shinmin

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