Hit and Run BMW GS 1200 Found

A CNE reader believes they have spotted the BMW GS involved in a fatal hit and run on National Road 4 on February 7th.

The motorcycle, a BMW GS 1200, which matches the description of the bike which fled the scene after knocking down an 81 year old man crossing the road appears to have damage consistent with the accident.

The motorcycle has plates (FS 5555L) registered to Singapore and belongs to a Singaporean female (name withheld from this report, but is known).

Although the original report suggested the motorcycle may have been yellow, photos seen by CNE show the rider and her passenger wearing matching yellow motorcycle gear at landmarks in Phnom Penh.

CNE are informed the lady rider has since returned to Singapore to seek treatment for an injured wrist, but has left the motorcycle parked outside a boutique hotel (name with held) very close to Central Market. It is believed she intends to return to Cambodia in the near future to collect the motorcycle.

READ UPDATE: https://cne.wtf/2019/02/21/hit-and-run-motorcyclist-was-on-charity-ride/

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