Rare Storks Rescued in Mondolkiri

Mondul Kiri Province: Two baby storks were donated to the Wildlife Conservation Specialists of Mondulkiri Environment Department, in collaboration with Forestry Administration Officers, Police Officers and WWF. It is hoped that these birds will eventually be released back into the wild.

The birds were handed over after being found at a residential property in Koh Nheak district, Mondul Kiri province. The owners had been giving them food that did not match the natural diet of the bird.

The weakened chicks will be given care by specialist wildlife officials and are looking forward to a healthier future in the natural forest.

The milky storks are endangered birds, and the species faces global extinction.

Technical officials call on communities and authorities at all levels, especially people living in and near the protected areas of the wildlife sanctuary in Mondulkiri province to continue their support and cooperation for conservation activities to protect key species and rare birds. http://www.phnompenhreporter.com/article/59907

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