Arrests in SR After Chinese Tourist Robbed

Siem Reap: On February 14, 2019, at 21:30 pm, in Wat Bo Village, Siem Reap Chinese foreign nationals were the victims of a street robbery.

After the incident, the police force of Siem Reap Police Station, stationed near the scene arrested the suspects, while the foreign victims also filed a complaint.

After receiving complaints from the victims and investigating the various skills, police forces identified the location and identity of the suspects.

At 22:40 pm on the same day with the approval of the Commissioner and Siem Reap City Police Inspector, four suspects who were hiding in a house in Mondul 3 Village, were brought in for questioning.

The four suspects were: 
– 1st Class – Dylori, male, 17 years old (the robber)

– 2nd Name: Chank Vy, Male 17, (Motorcyclist/getaway driver)

– Third – Nguon Chhay Hong, 17 year old male (beneficiary)

– 04th – Tan Bun Long, 16 year old male (beneficiary)

Items belonging to the victim were recovered and returned.

After questioning, the four suspects have confessed to having repeatedly committed robberies in Siem Reap.

Among the four suspects, two were charged with substance abuse.

The case has been referred to Siem Reap Provincial Court for legal action. POST NEWS

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