Research Effects of Marijuana, Drugs Cops Told

February 13, 2019 Phnom Penh: Samdech Krohom Sar Kheng has asked officials in the drug unit to conduct research into the effects of marijuana.

He added that in some countries in the world, marijuana was legal and used as medicine.

He said some states in the United States, Canada and Thailand have decriminalized pot.

“In the US, some states and Canada have allowed marijuana, and also in Thailand”

He added that these places put in state legislation and controlled the product.

The Deputy PM and Minister for the Interior was speaking at the
Labor Conference and the Direction of Employment 2019.

In Cambodia, marijuana is seen as an illegal drug and crops are regularly destroyed. The plant has a long tradition of cultivation and use in the region.

He requested that the National Authority for Combating Drugs be responsible for organizing research into the positive and negative effects of the herb, especially for medical purposes.

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