New Dam Touted for Pursat

Phnom Penh: A spokesman for the Ministry of Mines and Energy said the government is now pushing for a new hydroelectric plant inPursat, with a capacity of 80 megawatts, which could begin construction in 2019 to respond to the growing demand for electricity.

The spokesman said on Feb. 11 that the government with investment companies from China and Korea that could lead to the development of a hydropower plant to begin in 2019 with a construction period of 3 to 4 years.

He further said that the further development of the Pursat River Hydroelectric Authority is very important to meet the needs of the people and industry, as well as ensuring domestic energy security, and leading to reduction of foreign sources of electricity .

“According to the study, the Pursat River hydroelectric project could cost up to 160 Millions of US dollars with generating capacity up to 80 megawatts, and the impact is minimal. ” Minister of Mines and Energy Suy Sem has said.

In 2019, the Royal Government plans to add power to all types of development. The national network will be issued to all provinces and cities and will distribute lines to every village by 2020.

To date, there are seven hydroelectric dams. In the 2015-2025 industrial development policy, the Royal Government of Cambodia has introduced electricity price discounts, industrial zones and training.

Dr. Mey Kalyan, senior adviser to the Supreme National Economic Council, said earlier that the demand for electricity in Cambodia is increasing, because Cambodia is developing very quickly because the sector needs electricity to make the production line smooth. 

“Electricity in Cambodia is still expensive compared to neighboring countries, but in development policy of 2015-2025, the government has focused on lowering electricity prices.” Kohsantepheap

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