Khmer Guide Speaks After Beaten by Chinese Tourists (Video)

Recently, a video of a physical conflict between a Chinese tourist and a Cambodian tour guide on a bus went viral on Facebook. The guide (given the pseudonym “Xiao Wang” by this Chinese source) spoke about the incident.

Xiao Wang said that the content in the video is true. There was indeed a physical conflict and he was beaten.

Xiao Wang is a Chinese tour guide in Siem Reap and has been in the industry for more than 2 years. “This was a non-shopping free tour. I was very happy to have fun in Cambodia. Because of the Chinese couple, everyone is very unhappy. People in the same industry are very angry, and I am very sad, we don’t welcome this kind of not polite person in Cambodia. ” Xiao Wang was a little excited on the phone.

The Chinese couple wanted leave the group without authorization and do not cooperate by giving a signature which would release them from the tour’s responsibility.

According to Xiao Wang, the Chinese tour group arrived in Siem Reap on the 7th of February , and the trip was on the 9th. Wang informed the tourists after the end of the morning, they must be ready at 2.30 pm for the bus collection. At two o’clock in the afternoon, the couple’s parents were already in the car, but they still did not see the two. Xiao Wang informed the Chinese team leader, who said that they were tired from the morning and wanted to rest in the room in the afternoon.

According to the regulations of the travel agency, because the tourists had already purchased the whole set of services, if they chose not to participate, they needed to sign a consent form prepared by the travel agency to indicate that they voluntarily give up the afternoon trip. 

When Xiao Wang asked the Chinese team leader to contact the Chinese couple to sign, the two refused. 

The Chinese team leader went to the room to find someone to sign, and found that the two were no longer in the room. If the parties did not sign, the local agency may have been held accountable.

Xiao Wang asked the parents of the Chinese couple to sign, and the parents refused. After a delay of more than half an hour, because there are other tourists, Xiao Wang and the team leader had to leave and take the risk.

Rejecting signature again, physical conflict

On the 10th, after everyone gathered, Xiao Wang politely asked for a signature from the Chinese couple, but the woman still refused to sign and pointed to Xiao Wang: “I will pay for my own trip and want to go to me.” Go, don’t want to go, I won’t go, you can’t control it.”

“The most taboo thing in Cambodia is being fingered, so I pushed the woman’s hand away. As a result, the man said that I was playing his wife, and then started punching and kicking me, screaming so it was hard to hear. Pointing at me with his middle finger.” Xiao Wang was significantly angry on the phone. “I really didn’t beat her, but his wife pointed me at me. I pushed it away. My parents told me that I can’t just hit people. There are so many other tourists on the bus. We receive so many tourists every day, we Knowing how to be considerate of the tourists as much as possible, will not casually hit people.” Because the scene became more chaotic, Xiao Wang chose to pull the alarm.

Apologize for 2,000 US dollars

According to Xiao Wang, after arriving at the police station, the woman still stressed that Xiao Wang’s touched her first, and her husband was acting in self-defense. However, everyone on the bus knew the truth of the matter, because the video transmitted on the internet was taken by tourists.

“If I am wrong, how can other tourists give me the video?”he asked. In the end, the Chinese couple apologized to Xiao Wang and compensated him with 2000 US dollars to resolve the matter.

“I have been doing tour guides in Siem Reap for more than 2 years. Chinese tourists like me very much. This time, I sang to everyone on the bus and told them jokes. They are very happy. But because this is for Chinese couple, it’s embarrassing and it ruined everyone’s good mood.” Xiao Wang also said: “I have a predecessor who has been a tour guide for 10 years, who heard this kind of thing for the first time. We welcome Chinese tourists to Cambodia, we thank you, because with you, our tour guides have more job opportunities. However, I hope that everyone can talk about civilization, reason, don’t make trouble, and don’t even play guides, because the tour guide represents the country of Cambodia.”


After interviewing Xiao Wang, we confirmed the incident according to the Chinese leader’s WeChat provided by Xiao Wang, and did not receive a reply from the leader before the deadline.

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