Romanian-Nigerian Drug Gang Update

Phnom Penh: After Romanian man, OLARU NARCIS MANUEL was caught will just over 5kg of methamphetamine trying to board a flight at Siem Reap airport, police questioning of the suspect led to raids in Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh.

Suspected drugs boss AZUBAM CELESTINE EMEKA, a 43-year-old Nigerian was found with a large stash of drugs:

Methamphetamine = 4665.31g, Cocaine = 610.59g, Heroin = 20.27g MDMA pills = 6.58g, Ketamine = 1.22g”. 
Chemicals compounds: Acetone = 10kg, Diethyl Ether = 28kg 

Scales, passports, packaging and phones were also seized as evidence.

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